If you are a Stoltz group alum and notice that your information is not up to date, please email zsercel@caltech.edu.

Postdoctoral Alumni

Dr. Tomoko AshizawaDr. Tomoko Ashizawa
PeptiDream Inc.

Postdoc, Caltech, 2009-2010
Ph. D., Keio University, 2009
Prof. Tohru Yamada
"Catalytic atropo-Enantioselective Synthesis of Biaryl Compounds by Dynamic Kinetic Resolution"

M.S., Keio University, 2006
B.S., Keio University, 2004

Dr. Corrine BaumgartnerDr. Corinne Baumgartner

Postdoc, Caltech 2007-2008
Ph.D., ETH Zurich, 2007
Prof. François N. Diederich
"Strukturbasiertes Design und Synthese von Inhibitoren des Enzyms IspF als potentielle Antimalaria-Wirkstoffe"

Dipl. Natw. ETH Zurich, 2003

Dr. Marchello Cavitt

Postdoc, Caltech 2016-2019
Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015 Prof. Stefan France,
"Stress Relief: Exercising Lewis Acid Catalysis for Donor-Acceptor Cyclopropane Ring-opening Annulations, A Basis for New Reaction Methodologies"
M.S. Chemistry, University of Michigan, 2009
B.S. Chemistry, University of Louisville, 2007

Dr. Jun ChibaDr. Jun Chiba
Daiichisankyo Company Limited, 2008+

Postdoc, Caltech 2007-2008
Ph.D., Shizuoka University, 2007
M.S., Tohoku University, 1995
B.S., Tohoku University, 1993

Dr. Koji ChiyodaDr. Koji Chiyoda

Ph.D.,University of Tokyo, 2013
Prof. Tohru Fukuyama
"Synthetic Studies on N-Methylwelwitindolinone C Isothiocyanate"

M.S., University of Tokyo, 2010
B.S., Osaka University, 2008

Dr. Joshua DayDr. Joshua Day

Postdoc, Caltech 2009-2011
Ph.D., Yale University, 2009
Prof. John Wood
"Progress Toward the Total Synthesis of Actinophyllic Acid"

M.S. Yale University
B.S. Colorado State University

Dr. Christian DefieberDr. Christian Defieber

Postdoc, Caltech 2007-2008
Ph.D., ETH, 2007
Prof. Eric Carreira
"Chiral Olefins as Novel Ligands in Asymmetric Synthesis and the Development of Water and Ammonia Equivalents in Iridium-Catalyzed Allylic Substitution"

Dr. Etienne Donckele

Postdoc, Caltech 2017
Ph.D. ETH Zurich, 2016 Prof. Dr. Francois Diederich,
"Macrocyclic and Acyclic Alleno-Acetylenic Scaffolds with Outstanding Chiroptical Properties and Expansion of the Chemical Space of Electron-Poor Alkenes for the [2+2] Cycloaddition-Retroelectrocyclization (CA-RE) and Related Reactions"
M.S. CPE Lyon, 2012
B.S. CPE Lyon 2010
Swiss National Science Foundation Fellowship

Dr. Christian EidamshausDr. Christian Eidamshaus

Postdoc, Caltech 2012-2013
Ph.D., Freie Universität Berlin, 2011
Prof. Hans-Ulrich Reissig
"Synthesis of Highly Substituted Enantiopure Pyridines and of 4-Quinolones and their Applications in Asymmetric Catalysis"

M. Sc., Freie Universität Berlin, 2008
B. Sc., Freie Universität Berlin, 2006

Dr. Vinson EspejoDr. Vinson Espejo - vespejo@caltech.edu

Ph.D., University of Utah,2012
Prof. Jon D. Rainer
"The Total Syntheses of Kapakahines E and F: The Evolution of a Unique Reaction Upon Bromopyrroloindolines"

B. S., University of Missouri-Colombia, 2007

Dr. Michele GattiDr. Michele Gatti - mgatti2@caltech.edu

Postdoc, Caltech 2011
Ph.D., University of Zurich, 2011
Prof. Reto Dorta
"New Catalysts and New Substrates in Ring Closing Metathesis"

M.S., Univesità degli Studi di Milano, 2007
B.S., Univesità degli Studi di Milano, 2004

Dr. Irina Geibel

Postdoc, Caltech 2018-2019
Ph.D. Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg 2017
Prof. Dr. Jens Christoffers

Dr. Steffen GressiesDr. Steffen Gressies

Postdoctoral Fellow, Caltech, 2019-2020
Ph.D. WWU Muenster, 2019

Dr. Christian GrünangerDr. Christian Grünanger

Ph.D., Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg, 2010
Prof. Bernhard Breit
"Development of a Covalent but Reversibly Bound Catalyst Directing Group for Regio- and Diastereoselective Hydroformylations"

Diploma, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg 2006

Dr. Xiaoqing HanDr. Xiaoqing Han
Merck & Co.

Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar from City of Hope, 2006-2009
Ph. D., Duke University, 2006
Prof. Ross A. Widenhoefer
"Transition Metal-Catalyzed Addition of Carbon, Oxygen, and Nitrogen Nucleophiles to Unactivated Olefins"

B.S., Peking University, Beijing, China, 1997

Dr. Andrew HarnedProf. Andrew Harned
Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, 2007-

Postdoc, Caltech 2004-2007
Ph.D., University of Kansas 2004
B.S., Biochemistry, Virginia Tech 1999

Dr. Kohei Hayashida

Postdoc, Caltech 2017
Nippon Chemiphar Co., Ltd 2014 - present

Ph.D., Kitasato University, 2014
Prof. Fujii Hideaki
"Design and Synthesis of Selective Delta Opioid Receptor Agonists with an Oxazatricyclodecan structure and its SAR Studies"

M.S. Kitasato University, 2011
B.S. Kitasato University, 2009

Dr. Masaki Hayashi

Senior researcher, Daiichi-Sankyo Co., Ltd. 2005-

Ph.D., Tohoku University, 2012
Prof. Yoshiharu Iwabuchi
"Development of highly active nitroxyl radical type oxidation catalysts and their application to oxidative conversions"

M.S. Kyushu University, 1999
B.S. Kyushu University, 1997

Dr. Christopher HenryDr. Christopher Henry
Senior Director, CMC, CoA Therapeutics

Associate Director, Process Chemistry, Protagonist Therapeutics, 2018-2020
Achaogen, 2011-2018
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 2008
Prof. Ohyun Kwon
"Phosphine-catalysis of allenoates: mechanism, heterocycle synthesis, and asymmetric catalysis"

B.S., The College of William and Mary, 2003

Dr. Caleb Hethcox

Merck 2018 -

Postdoc, Caltech 2016-2018
Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin, 2015
Prof. Stephen F. Martin

B.A. Chemistry, Auburn University, 2010

Dr. Kathrin Höferl-PrantzDr. Kathrin Höferl-Prantz

Ph.D. University of Vienna, 2009
Prof. Johann Mulzer
"Decarboxylative Grob-type Fragmentations in the Synthesis of Trisubstituted (Z)-Olefins; Application to Epothilone B, Discodermolide and Peloruside A"

M.Sc. University of Vienna, 2005

Dr. Kazato Inanaga - kinanaga@caltech.edu

Senior Researcher, Astellas Pharma Inc., 2011-

Ph.D., Tohoku University, 2005
Prof. Masataka Ihara
"Development of practical synthetic method of multi-substituted cyclobutane & cyclobutene and their application to natural product synthesis "

M.S. Nagoya University, 1999
B.S. Nagoya University, 1997

Dr. Thomas JensenDr. Thomas Jensen

Postdoc, Caltech, 2009-2010
Ph.D., The Danish Technical University, 2009
Prof. Robert Madsen
"Ruthenium- and Palladium-Catalyzed Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation in Natural Product Synthesis"

M.Sc. The Danish Technical University, 2006

Dr. Amanda JonesProf. Amanda Jones - jonesac@wfu.edu
Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University, 2010-

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2007
Prof. Hans J. Reich
"Rapid Injection NMR and Organolithium Reactivity"

A.B., Chemistry, Princeton University, 2001

Dr. Ryan JulianProf. Ryan Julian
Assistant Professor, UC Riverside 2003+

Postdoc, Caltech 2003
Ph.D., Caltech 2003
B.S., University of Utah 1999

Dr. Taichi KanoProf. Taichi Kano
Lecturer, Kyoto University 2006+

Assistant Professor, Kyoto University, 2003-2006 Postdoc, Caltech 2001-2002
Ph.D., Nagoya University 2001
M.S., Nagoya University 1998
B.S., Nagoya University 1996

Dr. Kotaro KikushimaProf. Kotaro Kikushima
Assistant Professor, Ritsumeikan University

Postdoc, Caltech, 2010-2011
Ph.D., Osaka University, 2010
Prof. Toshikazu Hirao
"Studies on Development of Catalytic Oxidation Systems Based on Vanadium Redox Properties"

M. S., Osaka University, 2007
B. S., Osaka University, 2005

Dr. Jimin KimProf. Jimin Kim
Assistant Professor, Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Korea

Postdoc, Caltech, 2010-2012 Ph.D., Princeton University, 2010
Prof. Erik Sorensen
"Development of the Interrupted Ugi Reaction and Its Application to the Synthesis of 11-Methoxy Mitragynine Pseudoindoxyl"

M.S. Sungkyunkwan University, 2004
B.S. Sungkyunkwan University, 2002

Dr. Hendrik F. T. KlareDr. Hendrik F. T. Klare - klare@caltech.edu
Technische Universität Berlin

Postdoc, Caltech 2011-2012 Ph.D., Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, 2011
Prof. Martin Oestreich
"Generation of Stabilized Silylium Ions for Catalysis"

Diploma, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, 2007

Dr. Max Klatte - klatte@caltech.edu

Postdoc, Caltech 2014-2016
Ph.D., University of Bonn, 2013
Prof. Andreas Gansäuer
"Stereoselective Radical Reductions"

Diploma, University of Bonn, 2010
"Silanes as H-Atom-Donors in the Titanocene-Catalysed Epoxide-Opening"

Dr. Shyam KrishnanDr. Shyam Krishnan
Senior Scientist, Carmot Therapeutics

Postdoc, Caltech 2004-2007
Ph.D., Harvard University 2004
M.S., Harvard University 2002
M.Sc., Indian Inst. of Technology, Kanpur, India 1998
B.Sc., St. Stephen's College, Univ. of Delhi, Delhi, India 1996

Dr. Denis KroegerDr. Denis Kroeger

Postdoc, Caltech 2017
Ph.D. Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg 2015, Dr. Jürgen Martens
"Conceptional Synthesis Strategies f-Heterocyclic Scaffolds via Multicomponent Reactions"
M.Sc. Chemistry, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg 2011
B.Sc. Chemistry, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg 2009
DFG Research Fellowship

Dr. Sebastian LacknerDr. Sebastian Lackner

Postdoc, Caltech, 2017-2019
Ph.D. Georg-August-University Göttingen, 2016, Prof. Lutz Ackermann

Dr. Guillaume LapointeDr. Guillaume Lapointe - lapointe@caltech.edu

Ph.D., University of Bern, 2011
Prof. Philippe Renaud
"Expanding the Limits of the Radical Carboazidation: Application to the Synthesis of Alkaloids"

M.S, University of Tokyo, 2007
B.S., Université de Sherbrooke, 2003

Dr. Gene LeeDr. Gene Lee
Senior Research Scientist, LG Chem, Ltd., Seoul, South Korea

Postdoc, Caltech 2004-2005
Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo 2004
M.S., California State University of Los Angeles 1998
B.S., California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 1994

Dr. Marc LinigerDr. Marc Liniger - mliniger@caltech.edu


Postdoc, Caltech, 2013-2014
Ph.D., ETH Zurich, 2013
Prof. Karl-Heinz Altmann
"Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Antitumor Natural Products and their Analogs: Rhizoxin WF-1360F and 5’-Deoxy L-783277"

M.Sc., University of Basel, 2009
B.Sc., University of Basel, 2007

Dr. Qi Liu Dr. Qi (Charles) Liu
Gilead Sciences

Postdoc, Caltech 2005-2007
Ph.D., University of California, San Diego 2000-2005
B.S., University of Science and Technology of China 1994-1999

Prof. Wen-Bo (Boger) Liu
Professor, Wuhan University, 2016+

Ph.D., Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2011
Prof. Li-Xin Dai and Prof. Shu-Li You
"The Application of Novel Nucleophiles and N-Aryl Phosphoramidite Ligands in Ir-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Alkylation Reactions"

B.S. Nankai University, 2006

Dr. Trevor LohreyDr. Trevor Lohrey
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Postdoctoral Scholar, Caltech, 2019-2022
Ph. D., UC Berkeley, 2019
Prof. John Arnold

B.A., Reed College, 2014

Dr. Alex N. MarzialeDr. Alex N. Marziale - marziale@caltech.edu

Ph.D., Technische Universität München, 2011
Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann
"Palladium Complexes for Cross-Coupling Reactions in Aqueous Media"

M.Sc., Technische Universität München, 2007
B.Sc., Technische Universität München, 2005

Dr. Andrew McCloryDr. Andrew McClory

Genentech, 2009-2017
Postdoc, Caltech, 2007-2009
Ph.D., Stanford University, 2007
Prof. Barry M. Trost
"Ruthenium and Rhodium-Catalyzed Atom Economical Reactions"

B.Sc., Chemistry, Concordia University, 1999

Dr. Nolan McDougalDr. Nolan T. McDougal
The Dow Chemical Company

Postdoc, Caltech, 2008-2010
Ph.D., Boston University, 2008
Prof. Scott E. Schaus
"Asymmetric Phosphine-Mediated Condensation Reactions"

B.S., Vanderbilt University, 2001

Dr. Jared Moore - jarmoore@caltech.edu
ORIC Pharmaceuticals

Postdoc, Caltech, 2014-2016
Ph.D. University of California, Davis, 2014
Prof. Jared Shaw
"The Synthesis of Heteroatom-Containing Polycycles, Modulators of FtsZ, Isotopically Labeled Homocitric Acid Lactone, and Progress Towards Kibdelomycin and Amycolamicin"

B.S. Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, 2009
Ruth L. Kirchstein NIH NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Primali NavaratneDr. Primali Navaratne
Amgen, Thousand Oaks

James Boswell Postdoctoral Fellow, Caltech, 2019-2020
Ph.D. University of Florida, 2019, Prof. Alexander Grenning
"Multifunctionalization of Knoevenagel Adducts and Cannabinoid-Based Drug Discovery"

Dr. Kenji NegoroDr. Kenji Negoro – knegoro@caltech.edu

Astellas Pharma Inc., 1998+
Postdoc, Caltech 2013-2014
Ph.D., Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, 2013
Prof. Yoshio Hayashi
“Synthesis and structure-activity relationship of GPR119 agonists”

M.S. Osaka University, 1998
B.S. Osaka University, 1996

Dr. Toyoki NishimataDr. Toyoki Nishimata
Daiishi-Sankyo Group 2007+

Postdoc, Caltech 2005-2007
Ph.D., Hokkaido University 1999
M.S., Hokkaido University 1994
B.S., Yokohama National University 1992

Dr. Zoltan NovakDr. Zoltán Novák
Faculty Member, Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary

Postdoc, Caltech 2004-2005
Ph.D., Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary 2004
M.Sc., Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary 1999

Dr. Yoshitaka NumajiriDr. Yoshitaka (Yoshi) Numajiri - numajiri@caltech.edu

Toray Industries, Inc., 2009+
Postdoc, Caltech, 2012-2014
Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2009
Prof. Takashi Takahashi and Prof. Takayuki Doi
"Total Synthesis of Apratoxin A, Largazole and Their Derivatives and Application for Synthesis of Chemical Probes to Identify Their Target Protein Complex"

M.S., Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2006
B.S., Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2004

Dr. Noriko OkamotoProf. Noriko Okamoto - nokamo@caltech.edu

Assistant Professor, Hiroshima International University, 2008-
Ph.D., Hiroshima University, 2011

Prof. Kei Takeda
“One-Pot Synthesis of Indoles and Isoquinolines via Tandem Reaction"

M.S., Hiroshima University, 2006
B.S., Hiroshima University, 2004

Prof. Kim PetersenDr. Kim Petersen - kspeters@uncg.edu
Associate Professor, UNC Greensboro

Postdoc, Caltech 2009-2011 Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 2009
Prof. Gary H. Posner
"Studies in Organic Synthesis: Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 Analogs
and Asymmetric, Organocatalytic, 3-Step synthesis of α-hydroxy-(E)-β-unsaturated Sulfones and Esters"

B.S., University of Wisconsin, 2000

Dr. John PhillipsDr. John Phillips

Postdoc, Montgomery Group, University of Michigan, 2007-2010
Postdoc, Caltech 2006-2007
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison 2005
B.S., Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley 1997

Dr. Fabian PillerDr. Fabian Piller

Postdoc, Caltech 2010-2011 Ph.D. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet, Munich 2010
Prof. Paul Knochel
"LiCl-Mediated Direct Insertion of Magnesium Into Aryl, Heteroaryl and Benzylic Halides. Regio- and Chemoselective Synthesis of 5-Membered Ring Heterocycles."

M.Sc. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet, Munich 2006
B.Sc. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet, Munich 2004

Dr. Gerit PototschnigDr. Gerit Pototschnig
Research Scientist, Eli Lilly 2018-

Postdoc, Caltech 2016-2018
Ph.D., Vienna University of Technology, 2016, Prof. Marko Mihovilovic

Dr. Yeeman K. RamtohulDr. Yeeman K. Ramtohul
Senior Research Scientist, Vertex Pharmaceuticals 2004+

Postdoc, Caltech 2002-2004
Ph.D., University of Alberta, Canada 2002
B.Sc., University of Mauritius 1996

Dr. Daisuke Saito - dsuke@caltech.edu

Postdoc, Caltech 2015-2016
Ph.D. Showa University, 2009
Prof. Takashi Itho
"Development of Asymmetric Catalytic Reactions using Quaternary Ammonium Salts as Phase-Transfer Catalyst"

M.S. Showa University, 2006
B.S. Showa University, 2004

Dr. Richmond SarpongProf. Richmond Sarpong
Associate Professor, UC Berkeley 2004+

Postdoc, Caltech 2000-2004
Ph.D., Princeton University 2000
B.S., Macalester College 1995

Dr. Govindasamy SekarProf. Govindasamy Sekar
Assistant Professor, I.I.T., Madras, India 2004+

Postdoc, Caltech 2003-2004
Postdoc, University of Göettingen, Germany 2002
Postdoc, Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan 2001
Research Associate, I.I.T., Kanpur, India 2000
Ph.D., I.I.T., Kanpur, India 1999
M.Sc., University of Madras, India 1995
B.Sc., University of Madras, India 1993

Dr. Jeff ServeskoDr. Jeff Servesko

Postdoc, Caltech 2006-2007
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara 2006
B.S., Penn State University, 1997

Dr. Masaki SetoDr. Masaki Seto
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, 2008+

Postdoc, Caltech 2006-2008
Ph.D., Tokyo Univsersity of Science
M.S., Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1994
B.S., Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1992

Dr. Grant ShibuyaDr. Grant Shibuya - gshibuya@caltech.edu

Ph.D., University of California, Irvine
Prof. Chris Vanderwal
"Studies of the Chlorosulfolipids: Methodology and Synthesis"

B.S., Santa Clara University, 2005

Dr. Hideki ShimizuDr. Hideki Shimizu - hideki@caltech.edu

Postdoc, Caltech 2010-2011
Ph.D., Kyushu University, 2004
Prof. Tsutomu Katsuki
"Ruthenium(salen)-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidative Desymmetrization of meso-Diols and Its Kinetics"

B.S., Kagoshima University, 1999

Dr. Russell SmithDr. Russell Smith
Johnson and Johnson

Postdoc, Caltech 2010-2011
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, 2010
Prof. Scott E. Denmark
"Preparative and Mechanistic Aspects of Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions of Alkali-Metal Arylsilanolates"

B.S., Illinois Wesleyan University, 2004

Jan Streuff Dr. Jan Streuff - jan.streuff@ocbc.uni-freiburg.de
University of Freiburg

Ph.D., ULP Strasbourg, 2008
Prof. Dr. Kilian Muñiz
"Bifunctional N-H Activation and Oxidative Transition Metal Catalysed Diamination of Alkenes"

Diploma, Chemistry, Bonn University, 2005

Dr. Lars SuesseDr. Lars Suesse

Postdoc, Caltech 2020
Ph.D., TU Berlin, 2019, Prof. Martin Oestreich
M.S., TU Berlin, 2015
B.S., TU Berlin, 2013

Dr. Yuji SumiiProf. Yuji Sumii
Assistant Professor, Shibata group
Department of Frontier Materials, Nagoya Institute of Technology
Postdoc, Osaka University

Postdoc, Caltech 2012-2013
Ph.D., Osaka University, 2011
Prof. Motomasa Kobayashi
"Synthetic Studies of cortistatin A, an Anti-angiogenic Steroidal Alkaloid from Marine Sponge"

M.S., Osaka University, 2008
B.S., Osaka University, 2006

Dr. Kousuke TaniDr. Kousuke Tani
Chemical Research I, Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Japan

Postdoc, Caltech 2005-2006
Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology 2004
M.S., Tokyo Inst. of Technology, Tokyo, Japan 1993
B.S., Tokyo Inst. of Technology, Tokyo, Japan 1991

Dr. Takeharu ToyoshimaDr. Takeharu Toyoshima

Postdoc, Caltech 2011 Ph.D., Kyoto University 2011
Prof. Masahiro Murakami
"Synthesis of Oxindoles by Palladium Catalyzed Cyclization Reactions of 2-(Alkynyl)aryl Isocyanates with Nucleophiles"

M.S. Chiba University 2008
B.S. Chiba University 2006

Dr. Kristy TranDr. Kristy Tran
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Postdoc, Caltech 2009-2011
Ph.D., Columbia University, 2009
Prof. James L. Leighton
"Synthetic Applications of Silicon Lewis Acids: Total Synthesis of MS-153 and Manzacidin C"

B.S. University of Texas at Austin, 2004

Dr. Florian VogtDr. Florian Vogt - fvogt@caltech.edu

Ph.D., Technical University Munich, 2010
Prof. Thorsten Bach
"Synthesis of New Ligands and Catalysts for a Hydrogen Bond Mediated Chirality Transfer"

M.Sc. Technical University Munich, 2006

Dr. Eric WelinDr. Eric Welin

American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellow, Caltech, 2015-2019
Ph.D. Princeton University, 2015, Prof. David MacMillan
B.S. Chemistry, Ohio State University, 2010

Dr. Julian WestDr. Julian West

Postdoc, Caltech, 2017-2019
PhD, Princeton University, 2017, Prof. Erik Sorensen
Former Visting Scholar, Stoltz Group

Dr. David WhiteDr. David White
Principal Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline , 2008+

Postdoc, Caltech 2005-2007
Ph.D., Harvard University 2005
B.S., Chemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 1999

Dr. Carolyn WoodroofeDr. Carolyn Woodroofe
Research Scientist, Promega Biosciences Inc.

Postdoc, Caltech 2004-2006
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2004
B.A., Int. Science and Chemistry, Northwestern University 1998

Dr. Kun-Liang (Phil) WuDr. Kun-Liang (Phil) Wu - kwu@caltech.edu

Postdoc, Caltech, 2010-2012
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara, 2010
Prof. Thomas R. R. Pettus
"Synthesis of γ-Rubromycin and Related Natural Products"

M.S., National Taiwan University, 2004
B.S., National Chung-Hsing University, 2002

Dr. Xiangyou XingDr. Xiangyou Xing - xiangyou@caltech.edu

Postdoc, Caltech, 2012+
Ph.D.,Peking University, 2012.
Prof. David Zhigang Wang and Prof. Zhen Yang
"Kinetic resolution by means of Sharpless asymmetric dihydroxylation reaction and total synthesis of Grassypeptolide A"

B.S. Taishan College, 2006.

Dr. Haiming ZhangDr. Haiming Zhang
Scientist, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals

Postdoc, Caltech 2003-2005
Ph.D., Iowa State University 2003
M.S., University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) 1998
B.S., University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) 1996

Dr. Dianhu ZhuDr. Dianhu Zhu - dianhu@caltech.edu

Postdoc, Caltech, 2016-2017
Ph.D. Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, 2016, Prof. Qilong Shen and Prof. Long Lu
"The Development and Applications of Difluoromethylthiolating Reagents"
B.S. Chemistry, Shandong Agricultural University, 2010

Graduate Student Alumni

Dr. Eric AlexyDr. Eric Alexy

Ph.D., Caltech, 2020
NSF Predoctoral Fellow
B.S. North Carolina State University, 2015, Prof. Jonathan Lindsey

Kevin AllanDr. Kevin Allan - kallan@caltech.edu
Thesis :: Development of Versitile Strategies for Aryne Annulation: Applications in Methodology and Natural Product Total Synthesis

Gilead Sciences

Postdoc, Viresh Rawal, University of Chicago, 2010-2012 Ph.D. Caltech, 2010
B.S., University of California, Berkeley 2004

Dr. Zainab Al-SaihatiDr. Zainab Al-Saihati

Ph.D. Caltech, 2020
Joint with Prof. Robert Grubbs
B.S. UT Austin, 2012, Prof. Kallie Willets

Eric Ashley Dr. Eric Ashley
Thesis :: The First Total Synthesis of (-)-Lemonomycin

Merck & Co.

Postdoc, Jacobsen Group, Harvard, 2005-2009
Ph.D., Caltech 2005
A.B., Harvard University 2000

Jeff Bagdanoff Dr. Shoshana Bachman

Ph.D., Caltech, 2017
B.S., Wellesley College 2012 (with Prof. David Haines)

Jeff Bagdanoff Dr. Kelvin Bates

Ph.D., Caltech, 2017
Joint with Prof. Paul Wennberg
B.S., Davidson College 2012 (with Dr. Charles Brock [NOAA] & Prof. Don Blake [UC Irvine])
NSF Predoctoral Fellow

Jeff Bagdanoff Dr. Jeff Bagdanoff
Thesis :: Development and Application of the Oxidative Kinetic Resolution of Secondary Alcohols by Catalytic Palladium

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals 2005+

Ph.D., Caltech 2005
B.S., University of California, Davis 2000

Doug BehennaDr. Douglas Behenna
Thesis :: Progress toward the Synthesis of (+)-Zoanthenol and the Development of an Asymmetric Tsuji Allylation Reaction

Pfizer 2012+

Staff Scientist, Stoltz Group, 2010-2012
Postdoc, Elias J. Corey (Harvard), 2006-2010
Ph.D., Caltech 2006
B.A., University of Pennsylvania 2000

Nathan BennettDr. Nathan Bennett
Thesis :: Palladium-Catalyzed Allylic Alkylation: Insights, Application Toward Cyclopentanoid and Cycloheptanoid Molecules, and the Total Synthesis of Several Daucane Sesquiterpenes

Postdoc, Vy Dong (University of California, Irvine), 2013+

Ph.D., Caltech 2013
B.S., Brigham Young University 2008

Dan CaspiDr. Daniel Caspi
Thesis :: The Adaptive Nature of Palladium Reactivity in Synthesis

Senior Research Chemist - Abbott Laboratories 2008+

Ph.D., Caltech 2008
B.S., University of California, San Diego 2002

Anthony ChenAnthony Chen

M.S., Caltech 2018
B.S., UC Berkeley 2015

Rob CraigDr. Rob Craig - rcraig@caltech.edu Postdoc, Justin Du Bois (Stanford) 2015+

Ph.D., Caltech 2015
B.S., Davidson College 2010

Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship [F31]

Ernie Cruz Ernest Cruz

M.S., Caltech, 2005
B.S., California State University, Los Angeles

Doug DuquetteDr. Doug Duquette

Ph.D., Caltech 2016
B.A., M.A., Harvard University 2009 (with Prof. Dave Evans)
NSF Predoctoral Fellow

David EbnerDr. David Ebner
Thesis :: Development and Applications of the Palladium-Catalyzed Enantioselective Oxidation of Secondary Alcohols

Pfizer, Inc.

Postdoc, Eric Sorensen (Princeton) 2008
Ph.D., Caltech 2008
B.S., Chemistry, University of Saint Thomas 2002
B.A., Mathematics, University of Saint Thomas 2002

John EnquistDr. John Enquist
Thesis :: Total Synthesis of Cyanthiwigin Natural Products Via Double Asymmetric Catalytic Alkylation and Investigations into the Nature of Double Asymmetric Processes

Postdoc, John Wood (CSU) 2010+

Ph.D., Caltech 2010
B.S., University of California, San Diego 2004

Eric FerreiraProf. Eric Ferreira
Thesis :: The Design and Development of Palladium-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidative Transformations

Assistant Professor, Colorado State University 2008+

Postdoc, Barry Trost (Stanford) 2005-2008
Ph.D., Caltech 2005
S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2000

Dr. Tyler Fulton

Postdoc with Prof. Frances Arnold

Ph.D., Caltech, 2022
B.S. & M.S., Chemistry, Bucknell University, 2016 (with Dr. Michael Krout)

Neil GargProf. Neil Garg
Thesis :: The Total Synthesis of Dragmacidins D and F

Assistant Professor, UCLA 2007+

Postdoc, Overman (UC Irvine) 2005-2007
Ph.D., Caltech 2005
B.S., New York University 2000

Christopher GilmoreDr. Chris Gilmore
Thesis :: Aryne Annulation Reactions Toward the Synthesis of Heterocyclic Molecules

Dow Chemical

Ph.D., Caltech 2012
B.S., Boston College 2005

Alex GoldbergDr. Alex Goldberg
Thesis :: Synthetic Applications and Methodological Developments of Donor–Acceptor Cyclopropanes

Postdoc, David Milstein (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel), 2013+

Ph.D., Caltech 2013
BScH, Queen's University 2008

Dr. Elizabeth GoldsteinDr. Elizabeth Goldstein

Ph.D., Caltech, 2020
NSF Predoctoral Fellow
B.A. Coe College 2014, Prof. Mark Banaszak Holl [University of Michican]

Jonny GordonDr. Jonny Gordon

Thesis :: Applications of a Concise and General Strategy for the Syntheses of Transtaganolide and Basiliolide Natural Products

Ph.D., Caltech, 2014
B.Sc., Brown University 2008

Blake GreeneBlake Greene

M.S., Caltech 2004
B.S., Yale University 2002

Dr. Christopher Haley - ckhaley@caltech.edu

Ph.D., Caltech, 2015
B.S., Chemistry, New York University 2010
(with Prof. Dave Schuster)

Dr. Nick Hafeman

AbbVie, Chicago

Ph.D., Caltech, 2022
B.S., Chemistry, University of Illinois, Chicago, 2016

Dr. Seojung Han - shan@caltech.edu

Postdoc, Dean Toste (University of California, Berkeley), 2016+

Ph.D., Caltech, 2016
M.S., Chemistry, Sogang University 2010
B.S., Chemistry, Sogang University 2008
(with Prof. Duck-Hyung Lee)

Jeff HolderDr. Jeff Holder

Thesis :: The Development of an Asymmetric Palladium-Catalyzed Conjugate Addition and its Application Toward the Total Syntheses of Taiwaniaquinoid Natural Products

Postdoc, John Hartwig (University of California, Berkeley), 2014+

Ph.D., Caltech, 2014
B.A. Harvard University 2009

Allen HongDr. Allen Hong
Thesis :: Development of a Novel Ring Contraction Strategy and Application to the Total Synthesis of Presilphiperfolanol Natural Products

Postdoc, Chris Vanderwal (University of California, Irvine), 2012+

Ph.D., Caltech, 2012
B.S., University of California, Berkeley 2006

Boram HongBoram Hong

M.S. Caltech 2011
B.A. Macalester College 2007

Dr. Carina JetteDr. Carina Jette

Ph.D., Caltech, 2020
NSF Predoctoral Fellow
B.S. UC Santa Barbara 2015, Prof. Bruce Lipshutz

Katerina KorchKaterina Korch

M.S. Caltech 2015
B.S. Juniata College 2012

National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship

Katerina KorchProf. Kelly Kim

Ph.D. Caltech, 2016
B.S., Yale University 2011 (with Prof. Nilay Hazari)

Mike KroutProf. Mike Krout
Thesis :: Progress Toward the Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Variecolin and Gas-Phase Studies of the Twisted Amide 2-Quinuclidone

Assistant Professor, Bucknell University

Postdoc, David Y. Gin, (Sloan-Kettering), 2009-2012
Ph.D., Caltech 2009
B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 2002

Chung Whan LeeProf. Chung Whan Lee

Assistant Professor, Gachon University

Ph.D., Caltech 2015
M.S. Seoul National University 2009
B.S. Seoul National University 2007

Dr. Jiaming LiDr. Jiaming Li

Ph.D. Caltech, 2020
Joint with Prof. Robert Grubbs
B.S. Zhejiang University, 2014, Prof. Ping Lu and Prof. Yanguang Wang

Yiyang LiuDr. Yiyang Liu - yliu3@caltech.edu
Thesis :: Palladium-Catalyzed Decarboxylative and Decarbonylative Transformations in the Synthesis of Fine and Commodity Chemicals
Postdoc, Adam Matzger (University of Michigan), 2015+

Ph.D., Caltech, 2015
B.S., Peking University 2010

Resnick Sustainability Fellowship

Max LoewingerMax Loewinger - mloewing@caltech.edu

M.A. Chemistry, Wesleyan University 2009
B.A. Chemistry, Wesleyan University 2008
B.A. American Studies (Literary and Cinematic Criticism), Wesleyan University 2008

Steven LoskotDr. Steven Loskot
Janssen, 2019-
Thesis :: Applications of the Enantioselective Allylic Alkylation Toward the Synthesis of Complex Natural Products

Ph.D., Caltech 2019

Sandy MaDr. Sandy Ma
Progress Toward the Cortistatin A Carbocyclic Core and The Development of the Catalytic Enantioselective Alkylation of 3-Halooxindoles

Postdoc, Jin-Quan Yu

Ph.D., Caltech 2010
B.S., Chemistry, Stanford University 2004
B.S., Biology, Stanford University 2004

Jeremy MayProf. Jeremy May
Thesis :: Tandem Reactions, Gas Phase Chemistry, and Natural Products

Assistant Professor, University of Houston

Postdoc, Samuel Danishefsky (Sloan-Kettering)
Ph.D., Caltech 2005
B.S., University of Utah 2000

Mike MeyerProf. Mike Meyer
Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Oxidation Reactions in Natural Product Synthesis: Efforts Toward Bielschowskysin and Phalarine

Postdoc, Astraea Therapeutics

Ph.D., Caltech 2010
B.S., Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 2002

Ryan McFaddenDr. Ryan McFadden
Thesis :: Applications of Pd-Catalyzed Enatioselective Decarboxylative Alkylation in Natural Products Total Synthesis

Gilead Sciences 2007+

Ph.D., Caltech 2007
B.S., Chemistry and Biochemistry, Purdue University 2002

JT MohrProf. JT Mohr
Thesis :: Enantioselective Reactions of Palladium Enolates

Assistant Professor, University of Illinois (Chicago), 2012+

Postdoc, Gregory Fu (MIT), 2009-2012 Ph.D., Caltech, 2009
A.B., Dartmouth College, 2003

Joel MonroyJoel Monroy

M.S. Caltech, 2021
B.S., CSU Long Beach, 2019

Hosea NelsonProf. Hosea M. Nelson
Thesis :: A Unified Synthetic approach to the Transtaganolide and Basiliolide Natural Products

Professor of Chemistry, Caltech, 2021+

Assistant Professor, UCLA, 2015-2021
Postdoc, Dean Toste (University of California, Berkeley), 2012-2015

Ph.D., Caltech, 2012
B.S., University of California, Berkeley 2004

Dr. Fa NgamnithipornDr. Aurapat (Fa) Ngamnithiporn
Research Scientist, Chulabhorn Research Institute, Bangkok, Thailand

Ph.D. Caltech, 2021
B.S., Carleton College 2015 (with Prof. Gretchen Hofmeister & Prof. David Alberg)

Dr. Nick O'ConnorDr. Nick O'Connor

Ph.D. Caltech, 2017
B.S., Macalester College 2011 (with Prof. Becky Hoye)

Narae ParkNarae Park

M.S. Chemistry, Caltech, 2010 B.S., Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego 2005

Narae ParkDr. Beau Pritchett

Ph.D., Caltech, 2017
B.S., Tulane University 2012 (with Prof. Scott Grayson and Prof. Vijay John)
NSF Predoctoral Fellow

Corey ReevesDr. Corey Reeves - creeves@caltech.edu
Thesis :: Strategies for the Stereoselective Synthesis of Carbon Quaternary Centers via Transition Metal-Catalyzed Alkylation of Enolate Compounds

1200 Pharma

Ph.D., Caltech, 2015

B.S., Chemistry, Columbia University 2010)
             (with Prof. Tristan Lambert)

Dr. Chris ReimannDr. Chris Reimann

Ph.D. Caltech, 2020
B.S. University of Southern California, 2015, Prof. Nicos Petasis

Jenny RoizenDr. Jenny Roizen
Thesis :: Progress Toward an Enantioselective Total Synthesis of Ineleganolide

Program Manager, Solar Photochemistry, Fuels from Sunlight Hub
Office of Basic Energy Sciences, U.S. Department of Energy

Assistant Professor, Duke University, 2013-2021
Postdoc, Du Bois Group (Stanford) 2010-2013

Ph.D., Caltech 2010
B.A., Williams College 2003

Dr. David SchumannDr. David Schumann

Ph.D. Caltech, 2020
B.S. University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2014, Prof. Shannon Stahl

Brinton Seashore-LudlowBrinton Seashore-Ludlow
Somfai Group, University of Tartu

M.S., Caltech 2007
B.A., Macalester College 2005

Nat SherdenDr. Nathaniel Sherden
Thesis :: Mechanistic Investigations into the Palladium Catalyzed Decarboxylative Allylic Alkylation of Ketone Enolates Using the PHOX Ligand Architecture

Postdoc, Prof. Sarah O'Connor

Ph.D., Caltech 2011
B.S., Chemistry, University of Chicago 2004
B.S., Computer Science, University of Chicago 2004

Sarah SpessardDr. Sam Shockley
Merck 2018-

Ph.D. Caltech 2018
B.S., University of Chicago 2012 (with Prof. Richard Jordan)

Vlad SpasojevicVlad Spasojevic

B.S., Chemistry, University of Minnesota 2005
B.S., Biochemistry, University of Minnesota 2005

Sarah SpessardSarah Spessard
Cima Labs

M.S., Caltech 2003
B.A., Gustavus Adolphus 2000

Jenn StockdillProf. Jenn Stockdill - jstockdi@caltech.edu
Thesis :: Forays into the synthesis of zoanthenol: intriguing patterns in reactivity and selectivity

Associate Professor, Wayne State University 2019+

Assistant Professor, Wayne State University, 2012-2019
Postdoc, Samuel Danishefsky (Columbia), 2009-2012
Ph.D. Caltech 2008
B.S., Virginia Tech 2003

Alex SunDr. Alexander Sun
Thesis :: Stereoselective Synthesis of Diazaheterocycles by Decarboxylative Asymmetric Allylic Alkylation

Resident, Internal Medicine, NYP Columbia

UCLA-Caltech MD/PhD Program 2012-2021
Ph.D. Caltech 2019
B.A., M.Sc., University of Pennsylvania 2012
Ruth L. Kirschstein NIH NRSA Predoctoral Fellow

Pam TadrossPam Tadross - ptadross@caltech.edu

Thesis :: Exploiting the Reactivity of Arynes in the Total Synthesis of Natural Products

Postdoc, Eric Jacobsen (Harvard) 2011+

Ph.D. Caltech 2011

B.S., New York University 2005

Uttam TambarProf. Uttam Tambar
PDF Thesis :: Convergent Methods for Synthesizing Rings in the Context of Natural Product Synthesis

Bonnie Bell Harding Professor of Biochemistry, UT Southwestern 2021-

Associate Professor, 2014-2021
Assistant Professor, 2009-2014
Postdoc, Jim Leighton (Columbia), 2006-2009
Ph.D., Caltech 2005
A.B., Harvard University 2000

Raissa TrendDr. Raissa Trend
Thesis :: Concerning The Mechanism and Selectivity of Palladium(II) Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidation Reactions

Consultant, CMC Regulatory Affairs

Achaogen, 2008-2019
Postdoc, Horst Vogel (EPFL) 2006-2008
Ph.D., Caltech 2006
University of Wisconsin at Madison 2001
B.A., University of Chicago 1998

Matthew WinstonDr. Matthew Winston - mattw@caltech.edu
Postdoc, Dean Toste (University of California, Berkeley), 2012+

Ph.D., Caltech, 2012
B.S., Harvard University, 2007

Dr. Austin WrightDr. Austin Wright

Ph.D., Caltech, 2020
B.S. Penn State University, 2014, Prof. Steve Weinreb

Ryan ZeidanDr. Ryan Zeidan

Boston Consulting Group

Ph.D., Caltech, 2007, Davis Group
M.S., Caltech, 2004, Stoltz Group
S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2002

John ZepernickJohn Zepernick
Think Science

M.S., Caltech 2003
B.S., University of Texas at Austin 2001

Former Visiting Scholars

Jen AllevaJen Alleva - jalleva@caltech.edu

Graduate Student, Princeton (Macmillan Group) 2010-
B.S., Temple University

Maria CanoKatsuaki Baba

Chatani Group, Osaka University

Magnus BergnerDoohyun Baek

Visiting Scholar, 2017
PhD Candidate, GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology), Advisor: Prof. Sukwon Hong

Emma Baker-TrippDr. Emma Baker-Tripp

Visiting Scholar, Caltech, 2019-2021
Postdoc, Caltech, 2018
Ph.D. UCLA, 2018, Prof. Neil Garg

Magnus BergnerMagnus Bergner - mbergner@caltech.edu

M.Sc., Chemistry, Lund University 2004

Maria CanoMaria Cano - mcano@caltech.edu

M.S. University of Granada, 2008
Prof. Enrique J. Àlvarez-Manzaneda
B.S. University of Granada 2007

Mathilde Chaudagne - mchaudag@caltech.edu

National Graduate School of Chemistry and Engineering (ENSCCF), Clermont-Ferrand, France

Judith CudajJudith Cudaj - jcudaj@caltech.edu

Diploma, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, 2008

Martin Daiger
Caltech 2017

M.Sc. student, Prof. Paul Knochel Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen
B.Sc., Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen, 2015

Ryohei DoiDr. Ryohei Doi

Assistant Professor in the group of Professor Yoshihiro Sato

Laboratory of Fine Synthetic Chemistry
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hokkaido University

Jiajun DuJiajun Du

Visiting Scholar, Stoltz Group, 2018
Graduate Student, Caltech
B.S. Zhejiang University 2017

Chad Eichman, Ph.D. - ceichman@caltech.edu

Assistant Professor
Loyola University Chicago

Guillermo Guerrero-VasquezEmil Glibstrup
Caltech 2016

PhD Student, University of Copenhagen, 3rd year,
Assoc. Prof. Christian Marcus Pedersen

Gennadii GrabovyiGennadii Grabovyi

Visiting Scholar, Caltech, 2019
Graduate Student, Mohr Group, UIC

Guillermo Guerrero-VasquezGuillermo Guerrero-Vasquez - gagv@caltech.edu

Yakup GunesYakup Gunes - yakup@caltech.edu

Ph.D. Candidate, Ataturk University (Prof. Ramazan Altundas and Prof. Yavuz Taskesenligil)

Satoshi HashimotoSatoshi Hashimoto - shashi@caltech.edu

Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Lukas HilpertStephan Hess

Visiting Scholar, 2017-2018
PhD Candidate, Prof. Dr. Alois Furstner Group, Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung
B.Sc., Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, 2015

Justin HilfJustin Hilf - jhilf@caltech.edu

Visiting Scholar, 2017-2020
Ph.D., UC Irvine, 2016, Professor Scott Rychnovsky
M.S. Chemistry, NYU, 2012
B.S. Chemistry, California State University-Channel Islands, 2009

Lukas HilpertLukas Hilpert - lhilpert@caltech.edu

B.S., Chemistry, University of Freiburg 2012

Guillermo Guerrero-VasquezTakuya Igarashi
Caltech 2017

M.S., Osaka University 2016 (with Prof. Naoto Chatani)
B.S., Osaka University 2014 (with Prof. Mitsuru Akashi)

Marina IlgMarina Ilg - milg@caltech.edu

B.Sc. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet, Munich 2010

Akihiko IwashitaAkihiko Iwashita
Mitsui Chemicals

Visiting Graduate Scholar from Prof. Eiichi Nakamura's Group

Thomas JensenDr. Toshihiko Iwayama

Visiting Scholar from Japan Tobacco, Inc. 2016-2018
Japan Tobacco Inc., 2010-present
Ph.D. Hokkaido University, 2010 Prof. Sato Yoshihiro

Thomas JensenThomas Jensen

M.Sc. Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
The Danish Technical University 2006

Woo-ok Jung - wjung@caltech.edu

M.S Candidate, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, Korea

Maximilian KaiserMaximilian Kaiser

Visiting Scholar, Stoltz Group, 2019
Graduate Student, TU Wien

Prof. Jun KikuchiJun Kikuchi
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tohoku University

Ph.D. Tohoku University, 2017, Prof. Masahiro Terada
Visiting Student, Stoltz Group, 2015
M.S. Tohoku University, 2014
B.S. Tohoku University, 2012

Bin MaoNatsuko Kinoshita - natsuko@caltech.edu

M.S., Nagoya University, 2011 (Prof. Takashi Ooi)
B.S., Nagoya University, 2009

Dr. Yusuke KitaYusuke Kita, Ph.D. - kita@caltech.edu

Assistant Professor, Osaka University, 2010-
Ph.D., Osaka University, 2010

Prof. Naoto Chatani, "Studies of Carbon-Cyano Bond Cleavage Reactions Using Rhodium Catalyst and Disilane"

M.S. Osaka University, 2008
B.S. Osaka University, 2006

Betul KitirBetul Kitir - betki@caltech.edu

M.A., Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, 2012

Helene KoldingHelene Kolding - hkolding@caltech.edu

Technical University of Denmark

Yuji KosugiYuji Kosugi
Visiting Graduate Scholar from Prof. Ishihara Kazuaki's Group

Remi LavernheRemi Lavernhe

Visiting Scholar, 2019
Masters, CPE Lyon

Louise LefoulonLouise Lefoulon - lefoulon@caltech.edu

National Graduate School of Chemistry and Engineering (ENSCCF), Clermont-Ferrand, France

Wengang LiWengang Li

KAUST - Prof. Niveen Khashab
B.S. Tianjin University 2009

Yanhui Lu - yliu3@caltech.edu

PhD Candidate, Ishihara Lab, Nagoya University

Bin MaoBin Mao - bmao@caltech.edu

Ph.D. Candidate, University of Groningen (Prof. Ben L. Feringa)

Smaranda MarinescuSmaranda Marinescu

Stoltz Lab visiting scholar, 2006-2007
MIT graduate program (Shrock lab), 2007+

Jeremy Morgan Prof. Jeremy Morgan

Professor, UNC Wilmington Department of Chemistry
Sabbatical at Caltech, January 2018 to April 2018

Kei MurakamiKei Murakami - kmura@kuchem.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Assistant Professor, Kyoto University
Prof. Atsuhiro Osuka and Prof. Hideki Yorimitsu

Ph.D., Kyoto University, 2012
M.S., Kyoto University, 2009
Prof. Koichiro Oshima and Seijiro Matsubara
B.S., Kyoto University 2007

Hashiru Negishi - hnegishi@caltech.edu

Ph.D. Candidate, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan

Nasri NesnasNasri Nesnas, Ph.D. - nesnas@caltech.edu

Associate Professor
Florida Institute of Technology

Brendan O'BoyleDr. Brendan O'Boyle

Visiting Scholar, Caltech, 2016-2021
Merck, Aspira Scientific, & Theravance Biopharma, 2009-2015
Ph.D. Stanford, 2009, Prof. Barry Trost

Kazuma OdaKazuma Oda - koda@caltech.edu

B.S., Chemistry, Nagoya University, 2012
M.S., Chemistry, Nagoya University, 2014

Corey ReevesDr. Corey Reeves - creeves@caltech.edu
Thesis :: Strategies for the Stereoselective Synthesis of Carbon Quaternary Centers via Transition Metal-Catalyzed Alkylation of Enolate Compounds

1200 Pharma

Ph.D., Caltech, 2015

B.S., Chemistry, Columbia University 2010)
             (with Prof. Tristan Lambert)

Tristin RoseDr. Tristin Rose

Visiting Scholar, Caltech, 2019-2021
EvoRx Technologies, 2017-2019
Ph.D. UCLA, 2015, Prof. Patrick Harran

Yutaro Saito - ysaito@caltech.edu

Ph.D. Candidate, Nagoya University, Aichi, Japan

Kazuma OdaShunya Sakurai
Stoltz Lab 2018

Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Chemistry
Graduate School of Science
Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

Shyam SathyamoorthiShyam Sathyamoorthi

Assistant Professor
Department of Medicinal Chemistry
University of Kansas

M.D., Stanford, 2019
Ph.D., Stanford, 2018
B.S., Tulane University, 2012

Yasutomo SegawaYasutomo Segawa
Assistant Professor, Nagoya University

Prof. Kyoko Nozaki's Group

Ph.D., University of Tokyo, 2009
M.S., University of Tokyo, 2007
B.S., University of Tokyo, 2005

Hirokazu Takada - htakada@caltech.edu

B.S.: Kitasato University, 2012
M.S.: Kitasato University, 2014 (Prof. Toshiaki Sunazuka)
Ph.D. Candidate: Kitasato University, (Prof. Toshiaki Sunazuka)

Alvaro Velasco–RubioAlvaro Velasco-Rubio

PhD Student, Center for Research in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Materials (CiQUS)

Nina VrielinkNina Vrielink - nina.vrielink@cup.uni-meunchen.de

Trauner Group, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München

Mario WiesenfeldtMario Wiesenfeldt - mwiesenf@caltech.edu

B.S., Chemistry, University of Heidelberg, 2012

Marco WollenburgMarco Wollenberg

M.Sc. Student, Prof. Frank Glorius, University of Muenster

Kevin YangKevin Yang

Visiting Scholar, Caltech, 2018-2020

Makoto YoritateMakoto Yoritate

Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutial Science, Kyushu University

Visting Student, Caltech, 2017
Ph.D., Keio University, 2018 (with Prof. Noritaka Chida)
M.S., Keio University, 2015 (with Prof. Noritaka Chida)
B.S., Keio University, 2013

Dr. Donna YuDr. Donna Yu

Assistant Research Professor, City of Hope
Department of Diabetes Complications & Metabolism

Taiga YurinoTaiga Yurino - tyurino@caltech.edu

M.S., Kyoto University, 2010
Prof. Keiji Maruoka
B.S., Kyoto University 2008

Former Undergraduate Students

Anguel AlexievAnguel Alexiev

Jake AquilinaJake Aquilina,
Stoltz Summer 2018

John Jay College

Katherine BayKatherine Bay [Senior] - kbay@caltech.edu

B.S. Candidate, Chemistry, University of La Verne

Péter BolgárPéter Bolgár [Junior] - pbolgar@caltech.edu

St. Catherine's College, Cambridge University

Pradeep BuggaPradeep Bugga

Graduate Student, Northwestern University (Statsuk Group), 2010-

Annie ChinAnnie Chin - achin@caltech.edu

Linda ChioLinda Chio - lchio@caltech.edu

Carolyn CohenCarolyn Cohen - cmcohen@caltech.edu

Emory University (Davies Group)

Ryan Dempsey [Junior] - rdempsey@caltech.edu

Tim DongTimothy Dong

Graduate Student, UCLA (Jung Group)

Emily DuEmily Du

Graduate Student, Princeton
B.S. Caltech 2022

Nicholas EddyNicholas Eddy

Graduate Student, University of Connecticut (Fenteany Group)

Benzi Estipona [Senior] - bestipon@caltech.edu

Weida FengWeida Feng

VURP Student, Caltech, 2019

Gabriel Fernando de MeloGabriel Fernando de Melo

Federal University of Uberlandia

Kristin FinchKristin Finch

Associate Dean for Science Diversity and Inclusion
Eberly College of Science
The Pennsylvania State University

Kevin GaoKevin Gao - kgao@caltech.edu

Emmett GoodmanEmmett Goodman - egoodman@caltech.edu

Angela GuerreroAngela Guerrero - amguerre@caltech.edu

California State University, Los Angeles

Greg HanGreg Han [Junior] - ghan@caltech.edu

B.S. Candidate, Biochemistry, Amherst College

Amgen Fellow

James HegemanJames Hegeman

Randie KimRandie Kim

M.D./Ph.D. Student, UC Davis

Yoobin KohYoobin Koh - ykoh@caltech.edu

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea (Hong Group)

Eric KweiEric Kwei

Tammy LamTammy Lam

Lecturer, UW Madison
Postdoc, U Chicago (Rawal Group)

Tammy LamNetgie Laguerre
2016 Caltech

Dat Le,
2017 Caltech SURF

St. Olaf College '18
Hanoi Academy Fellowship

Aaron LevineAaron Levine - alevine@caltech.edu

Samantha LevineSamantha Levine

Postdoc, Beatty Lab

Benji LinBenji Lin

Graduate Student, Harvard University

Vicki LoewerVicki Loewer

Galen LoramGalen Loram

Jacquie MaletteJacquie Malette
Integrated Diagnostics

Moriam Masha [Junior] - mmasha@caltech.edu

University College London <

Austin MoehlerAustin Moehle - austinm@caltech.edu

Herschel MukherjeeJoel Monroy
Stoltz Summer 2018

California State University, Long Beach

Herschel MukherjeeHerschel Mukherjee

Graduate Student, Harvard University (Myers Group)

Winston Odom

Caltech SURF 2017, 2016
B.S. Morehouse College

Jaida OsmanJaida Osman

Caltech WAVE Fellow, 2021
CSU San Marcos

Joshua OwenJoshua Owen - owenj@caltech.edu

Diane PlummerDiane Plummer

Graduate Student, Yale University (Phillips Group)

David RomneyDr. David Romney

Co-Founder and CTO, Aralez Bio

Postdoc, Arnold Group, Caltech, 2015-2019
Ph.D, Miller Group, Yale University, 2015
B.S., Chemistry, Caltech, 2019

Tammy LamYuka Sakazaki
2016 Caltech

TC ScottonTC Scotton

Zachary SercelZachary Sercel

B.S., Cal State LA, 2018

Jeff ShenJeff Shen - jeffshen@caltech.edu

Amanda SilbersteinAmanda Silberstein
Associate Professor, Westmont College

Postdoc, Professor Peter B. Dervan (Caltech) 2014-2015

Ph.D., UCLA (Professor Neil K. Garg) 2014

Sasha SouvernevaSasha Souverneva - asouvern@caltech.edu

Graduate Student, SUNY ESF (Environmental Chemistry)

Chris TongeBenji Thoma
Stoltz Summer 2018

University of Cambridge

Chris TongeChris Tonge - ctonge@caltech.edu

Vi TranVi Tran

Graduate Student, NYU (Woerpel Group)

Georgijs TreninsGeorgijs Trenins - gtrenins@caltech.edu

St Catharine's College, University of Cambridge

Brian UnderwoodBrian Underwood
Process Engineer, Applied Materials

Ph.D. MIT 2010
Prof. Tim Jamison

Kyle VirgilKyle Virgil - kvirgil@caltech.edu

B.S., Chemistry, NC State University, 2016

Tyler VolkoffTyler Volkoff

Graduate Student, Berkeley University (Whaley Group)

Stephanie WongStephanie Wong - swwong@caltech.edu

Brenda WuBrenda Wu

Graduate Student, Standford University
B.S. Caltech 2019

Yuanzhe XieYuanzhe Xie

Tianyi ZhangTianyi Zhang

Graduate Student, Princeton
B.S. Caltech 2022

Former High School Students

Mary AlfordMary Alford

San Marino High School
Stoltz Lab 2018-2019

Sandra ChaiSandra Chai

San Marino High School
Stoltz Lab 2019-2020

Tavis ChenTavis Chen

San Marino High School
Stoltz Lab 2019-2020

Brian ChuBrian Chu

San Marino High School
Stoltz Lab 2018-2019

Christofer DuenasChristofer Duenas

San Marino High School
Stoltz Lab 2019-2020

Jonathan FongJonathan Fong

San Marino High School
Stoltz Lab 2019-2020

Elizabeth LeeElizabeth Lee

San Marino High School
Stoltz Lab 2018-2019

Karina LeeKarina Lee

San Marino High School
Stoltz Lab 2019-2020

Chloe LokChloe Lok

San Marino High School
Stoltz Lab 2018-2019

Lisa LuLisa Lu

San Marino High School
Stoltz Lab 2018-2019

Ilana MizrahiIlana Mizrahi

George W. Hewlett High School, New York
Stoltz Lab 2022

Keira MylesKeira Myles

Westridge School
Stoltz Lab 2019-2020

Jolene NesnasJolene Nesnas

San Marino High School
Stoltz Lab 2018-2019

Harry StoltzHarry Stoltz

San Marino High School
Stoltz Lab 2018-2021

Ingrid TengIngrid Teng

San Marino High School
Stoltz Lab 2018-2019

Alexander WangAlexander Wang

San Marino High School
Stoltz Lab 2019-2020

Angus WuAngus Wu

Stoltz Lab 2018-2019

Junyi XuJunyi Xu

San Marino High School
Stoltz Lab 2019-2020